Consulting Services

As a result of soil and soilless agriculture production made unconsciously; costs of fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in poor quality of production and the end of irreversible damage.

Our company is your investment by avoiding all the wrong application of the knowledge from the first year to return back with high profitability, offers field experience and experience in the hydroponic strawberry producer.

Landless most appropriate and efficient greenhouse setup for producers who want to trade in or engaged in aquaculture cultivation Culture strawberries by region suitable seedling varieties, seedling planting dates, seedling ensure the correct and most efficient production plan, the seedling planting to be implemented in the period to the end of harvest fertilizer programs, daily watering regimes, which will be implemented ec - pH, pest and disease diagnosis and appropriate spraying period with all the relevant information is given technical support by our company on a daily basis during cultivation.

Producers who want to get technical support and counseling can receive price by contacting our company.

You can the watch images we undartake the consultancy of hydroponic strawberry greenhouses in the news section of our website.

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